Boys Over Flowers Images


Boys Over Flowers Images


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boys over flowers images

boys over flowers images – Hawaiian Symbols

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??? ??? ???…??? ??…???

??? ??? ???...??? ??...???
Title Translation: Something Happened To My Heart…Her name is…Geum Jan Di

The title "Something happened to my heart" is a popular song by A&T off the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack.

I promised I’d do it and I did. I made a collague of Geum Jan Di (???) and Gu Jun Pyo (???) from the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers (??? ??)
This took me about 72 hours (not straight) to find every picture, cut them, modify > expand (for the white outline), put together and blend every picture.

It took me forever to make this, please dont take it and say its your own. Thank you.

From Left to Right:

Koo Hye Sun (???) as Geum Jan Di
Lee Min Ho (???) as Gu Jun Pyo

I made this collague because I absolutely fell in love with this couple and in celebration of finishing all 25 episodes, I thought I would make a collague to share with all my friends at Flickr!

Please Note: This picture is about 1024 x 683, Slow computer beware!
Unfortunately, Flickr did not upload the original size of 1500 x 1000, which make the quality of picture much lower but still good. I’m terribly sorry.

Kim Hyun-Joong

Kim Hyun-Joong
My newest celebrity crush – Kim Hyun-Joong. not sure the capitalization is correct. ripped this pic from google images. LOVE HIM!!!!
boys over flowers images

boys over flowers images

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